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a variety ofvariety showvariety meat

Definisjoner av variety som substantiv

Definisjoner av variety

  • A subdivision of a species which occurs through natural hybridization.
  • A form that differs from other forms of the language systematically and coherently.
  • A principle of design concerned with diversity or contrast.
  • A collection of different things, generally related between them.
  • The class of all algebraic structures of a given signature satisfying a given set of identities.
  • A show with a variety of acts, often including music and comedy skits, especially on television.

Eksempler på bruk

  • By the 1940s, the qipao came in a wide variety of designs and fabrics, with an equally wide variety of accessories.
  • Most men need variety.
  • We all need variety in our diet.
  • I just want a little more variety in my life.
  • Variety delights.
  • This man craves variety.
  • Illness usually has a variety of causes, not just one.
  • This is a variety of violet.
  • There are a variety of articles in her purse.
  • He is at home in a variety of fields.

Eksempler med oversettelse

  • I wish there was more variety in my work.
  • Jeg skulle ønske det var mer avveksling i arbeidet mitt.

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