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Eksempler med oversettelse

  • I would submit to you that all of these things are not only possible, they're being done right now, and that it's a darn good thing.
  • Jeg vil si til dere alle at alle disse tingene ikke bare er mulig, de blir gjort akkurat nå, og det er en veldig bra ting.

Eksempler på bruk

  • He is the last man to submit to authority.
  • I was forced to submit to my fate.
  • They had to submit to the superior force of the enemy.
  • Rather than be reach and submit to others, I would be poor and follow my own inclinations.
  • I don't think it's always right for local governments to submit to the central government.
  • The princess lives in a great copper castle, surrounded by many walls and towers! No one except the King may go in or out, for it is prophesied that she will marry a common soldier, and the King cannot submit to that.
  • Since the drug company had selected only favourable or neutral research reports to submit to the government for approval, and had failed to disclose any data from those studies which had shown the experimental drug to be harmful, the company was perceived to be unethical, and many lawyers believed that lawsuits were now in the offing.
  • More than once in history have people revolted against the inequalities of life and refused to submit to the restraints of laws and creeds. They have often gone through a period of communism and red terror in the hope of realizing ultimately the Perfect State. Their leaders, undoubtedly sincere at first, espouse the utopian dream, declaring themselves the exponents of its ideals, the promised messengers of its blessings. But with the material for revolt ready at hand, and unable to resist the seductions of nascent power, they soon undergo that transformation which history identifies, often not unjustly, with demagogy, if they fail, or with autocracy, if they succeed. In either case, by utilizing the elements of negation in Society, they become apostles of violence, proclaiming the theory of "creative destruction." But instead of creating a utopia on the ruins of their making, they only succeed in setting up, as history shows, another government, which, no matter how just and sound its foundations are in theory, soon becomes in practice more despotic and corrupt.

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