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    Norsk (Bokmål)
  • splint pin hole

Bøyelsen av splint som verb

  • Infinitiv: (to) splint
  • Presens: splint / splints
  • Preteritum: splinted
  • Perfektum: (have) splinted

Bøyelsen av splint som substantiv

  • Entall: splint
  • Flertall: splints

Definisjoner av splint som substantiv

  • A narrow strip of wood split or peeled off of a larger piece.
  • A device to immobilize a body part.
  • A dental device applied consequent to undergoing orthodontia.
  • A segment of armor.
  • A bone found on either side of the horse's cannon bone; second or fourth metacarpal forelimb or metatarsal hindlimb bone.

Definisjoner av splint som verb

  • To apply a splint to; to fasten with splints.
  • To support one's abdomen with hands or a pillow before attempting to cough.
  • To split into thin, slender pieces; to splinter.

Eksempler på bruk

  • '1900 But it so happened that I had a man in the hospital at the time, and going there to see about him the day before the opening of the Inquiry, I saw in the white men's ward that little chap tossing on his back, with his arm in splints, and quite light-headed. Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim, Chapter 5.
  • '1819 The fore-part of his thighs, where the folds of his mantle permitted them to be seen, were also covered with linked mail; the knees and feet were defended by splints , or thin plates of steel, ingeniously jointed upon each other; and mail hose, reaching from the ankle to the knee, effectually protected the legs, and completed the rider's defensive armour. — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe, Chapter 1.
  • If the torque is too high, the shaft might break. That's why we are using a shear splint as a torque limiter.

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