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Bøyelsen av scratch som verb

  • Infinitiv: (to) scratch
  • Presens: scratch / scratches
  • Preteritum: scratched
  • Perfektum: (have) scratched

Bøyelsen av scratch som substantiv

  • Entall: scratch
  • Flertall: scratches

Definisjoner av scratch som substantiv

  • A disruption, mark or shallow cut on a surface made by scratching.
  • An act of scratching the skin to alleviate an itch or irritation.
  • A starting line originally and simply, a line scratched in the ground.
  • A foul in pool, as where the cue ball is put into a pocket or jumps off the table.
  • Money.
  • A technical error of touching or surpassing the starting mark prior to the official start signal in the sporting events of long jump, discus, hammer throw, shot put, and similar. Originally the starting mark was a scratch on the ground but is now a board or precisely indicated mark.
  • A feed, usually a mixture of a few common grains, given to chickens.

Definisjoner av scratch som verb

  • To rub a surface with a sharp object, especially by a living creature to remove itching with nails, claws, etc.
  • To rub the skin with rough material causing a sensation of irritation.
  • To mark a surface with a sharp object, thereby leaving a scratch noun.
  • To remove, ignore or delete.
  • To produce a distinctive sound on a turntable by moving a vinyl record back and forth while manipulating the crossfader see also scratching.
  • To commit a foul in pool, as where the cue ball is put into a pocket or jumps off the table.
  • To score, not by skilful play but by some fortunate chance of the game.

Definisjoner av scratch som adjektiv

  • For or consisting of preliminary or tentative, incomplete, etc. work.
  • Hastily assembled; put together in a hurry or from disparate elements.
  • Relating to a data structure or recording medium attached to a machine for testing or temporary use.
  • Constructed from whatever materials are to hand.
  • Of a player Of a standard high enough to play without a handicap, i. e. to compete without the benefit of a variation in scoring based on ability.

Definisjoner av scratch

  • To rub or scrape (a part of the body) with a sharp object (e.g. to relieve an itching).
  • A mark or indentation left by drawing a sharp object over a surface.
  • To scratch or cut with nails.
  • To make a slight linear abrasion on a surface.
  • To rub or scrape a part of one's self with a sharp object (e.g. to relieve an itching).
  • To wound superficially with a sharp object dragged over the skin.
  • To indicate the removal of part of a text by drawing a line over it.

Eksempler med oversettelse

  • We need to start from scratch.
  • Vi må begynne på nytt.
  • I asked him if he would scratch my back.
  • Jeg spurte ham om han ville klø meg på ryggen.

Eksempler på bruk

  • Could you please scratch my back?
  • I don't like that new scarf because it scratches my neck.
  • A real diamond can easily scratch a pane of glass.
  • Scratch what I said earlier; I was wrong.
  • When the favorite was scratched from the race, there was a riot at the betting windows.
  • Embarrassingly, he scratched on the break, popping the cue completely off the table.
  • I can’t believe there is a scratch in the paint already.
  • Her skin was covered with tiny scratches.
  • The dog sat up and had a good scratch.
  • This is scratch paper, so go ahead and scribble whatever you want on it.
  • I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.
  • Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
  • You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
  • If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
  • You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
  • What's that scratch again?
  • What's that scratch?
  • It's just a scratch, OK?
  • It's only a scratch.
  • We started from scratch.

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