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Definisjoner av policy

  • A general plan of action, formulated by a political party, a government agency or a similar institution.

Eksempler på bruk

  • The Communist Party has a policy of returning power to the workers.
  • There's no set policy.
  • That's our policy.
  • This is our policy.
  • That's not our policy.
  • He had decided on a new policy.
  • That's a stupid policy.
  • This is an unusual policy.
  • Honesty is policy.
  • It's a questionable policy.
  • Are you in favor of their policy?

Wikipedia sier

  • A policy is typically described as a principle or rule to guide decisions and achieve rational outcome(s). The term is not normally used to denote what is actually done, this is normally referred to as either procedure or protocol. Whereas a policy will contain the 'what' and the 'why', procedures or protocols contain the 'what', the 'how', the 'where', and the 'when'.

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