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Definisjoner av mad

  • A doctrine where it is assumed that two countries cannot go to war as the cost would be prohibitive.
  • Irritated, in a temper, feeling or displaying anger.
  • Mentally ill; affected with madness or insanity.
  • Showing symptoms of mental illness.
  • Extremely foolish or unwise.

Eksempler med oversettelse

  • Are you still mad at me? "No, not at all."
  • Er du fortsatt sint på meg? – "Nei, ikke i det hele tatt."
  • She is mad at me.
  • Hun er sur på meg.
    Hun er sint på meg.
  • Your wife is mad at you.
  • Din kone er sint på deg.
  • He is mad about tennis.
  • Han er gal etter tennis.
  • The essay itself isn't a problem, but it is all this pernicious questions and glossary that makes me awfully mad!
  • Essayet selv er ikke noe problem, men det er alle de fordervelige spørsmålene og ordforklaringene som gjør meg forferdelig gal!
  • I hope you're not mad at me.
  • Jeg håper du er ikke sint på meg.

Eksempler på bruk

  • You want to spend $1000 on a pair of shoes? Are you mad?
  • He's got this mad idea that he's irresistible to women.
  • Are you mad at me?
  • Aren't you just mad for that red dress?
  • A mad dog.
  • I gotta give you mad props for scoring us those tickets.
  • Their lead guitarist has mad skills.
  • There's always mad girls at those parties.
  • He was driving mad slow.
  • It's mad hot today.
  • He seems mad keen on her.
  • He was still mad about the accident despite his wife's conciliatory words.
  • For a moment there, I thought he had gone mad.
  • No, I'm not mad at you, I'm just disappointed.
  • You are mad to try to do it all alone.
  • Are you mad?
  • He was so sad that he almost went mad.
  • What is he mad at, I wonder?
  • Unless you turn the radio off, I will go mad.
  • He got mad at me for calling him Shorty.
  • Bill got mad and called Dick names.

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