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Gradbøying av last som adjektiv

  • Positiv: last
  • Komparativ: laster / more last
  • Superlativ: lastest / most last

Bøyelsen av last som verb

  • Infinitiv: (to) last
  • Presens: last / lasts
  • Preteritum: lasted
  • Perfektum: (have) lasted

Bøyelsen av last som substantiv

  • Entall: last
  • Flertall: lasts

Anagram av last


Definisjoner av last som substantiv

  • A tool for shaping or preserving the shape of shoes.
  • A burden; load; a cargo; freight.
  • A measure of weight or quantity, varying in designation depending on the goods concerned.
  • An old English and Dutch measure of the carrying capacity of a ship, equal to two tons.
  • A load of some commodity with reference to its weight and commercial value.

Definisjoner av last som verb

  • To perform, carry out.
  • To endure, continue over time.
  • To hold out, continue undefeated or entire.
  • To shape with a last; to fasten or fit to a last; to place smoothly on a last.

Definisjoner av last som adverb

  • Most recently.
  • After everything else; finally.

Definisjoner av last som adjektiv

Definisjoner av last

  • After all the others.
  • To endure, continue over time.
  • Most recent.

Eksempler med oversettelse

  • How come you didn't call me last night?
  • Hvorfor ringte du meg ikke i går kveld?
  • He stopped smoking last year.
  • Han sluttet å røyke i fjor.
  • He had long hair last year.
  • Han hadde langt hår i fjor.
  • Last night someone broke into the small shop near my house.
  • I går natt brøt noen seg inn i den lille butikken nær huset mitt.
  • I bought a new computer last month.
  • Jeg kjøpte ny datamaskin forrige måned.
  • He laughs best who laughs last.
  • Den som ler sist, ler best.
  • They were in Joe's class last year.
  • De var i Joe sin klasse i fjor.
  • Last night I saw Pulp Fiction.
  • I går kveld så jeg Pulp Fiction.
  • I was a first year student last year.
  • Jeg var førsteårsstudent i fjor.
  • I arrived here last night.
  • Jeg kom sist natt.

Eksempler på bruk

  • Eyes Wide Shut was the last film to be directed by Stanley Kubrick.
  • The last time I saw him, he was married.
  • The last person I want to meet is Helen.
  • More rain is the last thing we need right now.
  • Last night the moon was full.
  • We went there last year.
  • Last Tuesday was Hallowe'en.
  • The party was last Tuesday; that is, not this yesterday, but eight days ago.
  • When we last met, he was based in Toronto.
  • I'll go last.
  • last but not least.
  • Summer seems to last longer each year.
  • They seems happy now, but that won't last long.
  • I don't know how much longer we can last without reinforcements.
  • To last a boot.
  • The last person I told my idea to thought I was nuts.
  • Thanks for having explained to me at last why people take me for an idiot.
  • It has been so long since I last went to Disneyland with my family.
  • I started learning Chinese last week.
  • We went to London last year.
  • He laughs best who laughs last.
  • He changed a lot since the last time.
  • It's been ten years since we last met.
  • You made the same mistake as last time.
  • Did you call me up last night?

Wikipedia sier

  • A last is a form in the approximate shape of a human foot, used in shoemaking to produce the fit of a shoe or boot. Lasts are used by shoemakers and cordwainers in the manufacture and repair of shoes. Lasts typically come in pairs, and throughout their history have been made from many materials, including hardwoods, cast iron, and, more recently, high density plastics.

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