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Gradbøying av absolute som adjektiv

  • Positiv: absolute
  • Komparativ: more absolute
  • Superlativ: most absolute

Bøyelsen av absolute som substantiv

  • Entall: absolute
  • Flertall: absolutes

Definisjoner av absolute som substantiv

  • That which is independent of context-dependent interpretation, inviolate, fundamental.
  • Any thing that is absolute.
  • In a plane, the two imaginary circular points at infinity; in space of three dimensions, the imaginary circle at infinity.
  • A realm which exists without reference to anything else; that which can be imagined purely by itself; absolute ego.
  • The unity of spirit and nature; God.
  • The whole of reality; the totality to which everything is reduced.
  • Concentrated natural flower oil, used for perfumes.

Definisjoner av absolute som adjektiv

  • Standing by itself in a loose syntactical connection, and qualifying the sentence as a whole rather than any single word in it.
  • Anyhow in 'anyhow, I made it home' is an absolute.
  • Hungry in 'Feed the hungry. '.
  • Older in 'An older person should be treated with respect.
  • Kill in 'If looks could kill... '.
  • Unrestricted; in sole control; possessing absolute power; independent, as in ownership or authority.
  • Pure; mere; unadulerated; unmixed; as, absolute alcohol.
  • Unconditional; free from restraint and control as in powers or rights.
  • Having supreme power, without limits set by a constitution, parliament, or other means.
  • Proceeding from or characteristic of an absolute ruler.
  • Absolutist; arbitrary; despotic.
  • Real; actual.
  • Positive; unquestionable; peremptory.
  • Free from conditional limitations; operating or existing in full under all circumstances without variation.
  • Independent of arbitrary units of measurement not comparative or relative as.
  • Having reference to or derived from the simplest manner from the fundamental units of mass, time, and length.
  • Relating to the absolute temperature scale.
  • Complete; unconditional; final; without encumbrances; not liable to change or cancellation.
  • Pertaining to a grading system based on the knowledge of the individual and not on the comparative knowledge of the group of students.
  • Concerned entirely with expressing beauty and feelings, lacking meaningful reference.
  • Utilizing the body to express ideas, independent of music and costumes.
  • Indicating an expression that is true for all real number; unconditional.

Definisjoner av absolute

  • Loosed from any limitation or condition.
  • Viewed apart from modifying influences or without comparison with other objects.
  • Complete in itself.

Eksempler med oversettelse

  • I have absolute trust in you.
  • Jeg stoler på deg hundre prosent.
    Jeg stoler på deg helt og holdent.
  • I require absolute loyalty from all my employees.
  • Jeg krever absolutt lojalitet fra alle mine ansatte.
  • There's this absolute concentration of being, the absolute concentration of consciousness, awareness, an absolute locus of compassion and love that defines the primary attributes of divinity.
  • Det er denne absolutte konsentrasjon av å være, den absolutte konsentrasjon av bevissthet, bevissthet, en absolutt kjerne av medfølelse og kjærlighet som definerer de primære attributtene av guddommelighet.
  • What is the imagery of God? The imagery of God is absolute being, absolute awareness and knowledge and wisdom and absolute compassion and love.
  • Hva er bildet av Gud? Bildet av Gud er absolutt vesen, absolutt bevissthet og kunnskap og visdom og absolutt medfølelse og kjærlighet.
  • There's only one absolute reality by definition, one absolute being by definition, because absolute is, by definition, single, and absolute and singular.
  • Det er bare én absolutt virkelighet per definisjon, én absolutt skikkelse per definisjon, fordi absolutt er, per definisjon, singel, og absolutt og entall.
  • We have an absolute rule that if our data source has data for one of the countries we're looking at, it goes into the analysis.
  • Vi har en regel vi følger fullt ut og det handler om at dersom det eksisterer et datagrunnlag for et land vi undersøker, ja da tar vi det alltid med i analysen.
  • We saw it again this weekend in France, but we have seen it over and over in many countries: in Poland and in Denmark and in Switzerland and elsewhere, where the mood changes radically because of the numbers, although they are not very significant in absolute numbers.
  • Vi så det denne helgen i Frankrike, men vi har sett det igjen og igjen i mange land: i Polen og i Danmark og i Sveits osv, der stemningen endres radikalt på grunn av tallene, selv om de ikke er særlig vesentlige i absolutte tall.

Eksempler på bruk

  • Absolute motion.
  • Absolute time or space.
  • Absolute rights and duties are such as pertain to man in a state of nature as contradistinguished from relative rights and duties, or such as pertain to him in his social relations.
  • Moral absolutes.
  • He is an absolute monarch.
  • He has absolute power.
  • I am a man of absolute sincerity.
  • There was absolute silence.
  • That is the absolute truth!
  • Tom is an absolute fool.
  • But my absolute favorite is not there.
  • What you said is absolute nonsense.
  • Don't tell her anything except the absolute truth.
  • I want the absolute truth.

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